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The United Kingdom is a country of luxury and great ambiances. The people here are so welcoming and well-mannered that anybody who visits them once, will wish to come again. Like any other country, the UK also requires a visa to enter. However, there are certain amendments made last year in the visa processing fee for the UK. One significant change is this that all prices will now be paid in the currency equivalent i.e., British pounds. The foreign exchange rate of your home country will apply to the total fee. 

How much is UK Visa Fee?

The fee depends upon the type of visa. It is variable for different types of visas including work, visitor, student, employment, and transit visas. If you’re on a visit visa for six months, you’ll pay ninety-three pounds as the fee. If you try to violate the visa conditions, you can be heavily fined and even jailed. So, only stick to that purpose for which you’ve got a visa grant. The fee will be three-fifty pounds if you plan to stay for two years. In this way, it keeps changing for every condition. However, if it is a short study visa for six months, you will pay ninety-seven pounds. Whereas, if your trip is for eleven months you’ll pay one-eighty-six pounds. Another type of visa is the spouse or settlement visa. If your wife, husband, or partner is staying in the UK, you can apply for a settlement visa. It covers the marriage visa, fiancé visa fee costs, partner visa costs, and spouse visa fees. The settlement fee is £1,523. If you’re flying anywhere, you need to switch the flights in the UK; you’ll have to pay a fee for your transit. The transit fees for airside and landside transits are different. For direct airside transit, you’ll pay £35, while £64 for airside transits.

For Uk Tourist or Visit visa you can apply to sites like IAvisa

How much money do I need to show for UK tourist visa?

There is no fixed amount which the government requires for you to have in your bank accounts. They’re least concerned with it. They want that the person must be self-sufficient and there must be live transactions going on in his bank accounts. They will observe your spending routine and the income you’re generating. No country will want to fund an expatriate so you should be making enough money to fulfill your expenses.The savings are presented as a payroll, a savings account, at least two-time deposit accounts, and credit cards. All of the accounts must be active and under your own name.