, the National Park Booking App, Leaves Users Feeling Lost in the Woods

The public finds the system “very confusing,” said Linda Devlin, executive director of the Allegheny National Forest Visitors Bureau, one of the co-signers of the US Travel letter. “If they want to rent a cabin at Red Bridge on the Allegheny National Forest, they have to go through multiple pages to first find the Allegheny National Forest, then the right campground, then the cabins. It is not a user-friendly system.”

Versions of a reservation system have existed online for decades, as parks have attempted to prevent traffic and overcrowding. In 2018, the consulting company Booz Allen Hamilton took over management of the online booking, spurring hope for improvements, including real-time updates and a more usable interface. The new version of was a step up from the previous model, but was ill prepared over the past two years to handle the major uptick of pandemic-driven users. It didn’t help

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Air Canada’s Codeshare Flights With United Could Simplify Some Cross-Border Travel

Air Canada and United are coordinating their schedules to offer more codeshare flights that could simplify cross-border travel. Instead of only having access to destinations offered by each individual carrier, you can now take flights with both in a single trip without having to buy multiple tickets. The process operates much like an STM transfer that allows for travel on both buses and trains and expands how far you can get.

The partnership between Air Canada and United will offer 38 new codeshare flights in the US and eight to major cities in Canada. Travelers will also be able to accrue rewards for the MileagePlus and Aeroplan loyalty programs during shared trips.

The specifics of just where the new codeshare flights will get you is still TBA, but some airline industry experts suspect the changes will streamline travel to cities that are often harder to reach.

“It’s probably smaller markets

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Travel blogger takes unique journey to ND

Sherry Ott is a travel blogger who travels around the world and writes about her experiences. Her latest adventure is right here in the Peace Garden State, with plans to move on to neighboring states.

“During the pandemic, I took up biking because I couldn’t travel any longer outside of the country. I took up biking in Denver and I was biking all over Denver and one day it just hit me that I should finish this capitol to capitol walk,” Sherry Ott said.

Ott is continuing the unfinished route of her father, Lee Ott, who came up with the idea to travel to every state capitol by foot when she was only a teenager.

“I don’t really know why; it was kind of a Forrest Gump thing to do before Forrest Gump. He enjoyed walking, he wanted a big purpose, he wanted to do something unusual,” Sherry Ott said.

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