Similan Island Tourism, One of the World’s Best Diving Areas

Similan Island, or what is often also referred to as Koh Similan, is a national marine island which is not to be missed by snorkeling and diving enthusiasts. Looks like the calm sea with a comfortable sandy beach to stay and relax, various surprises will be found below the sea surface in a place that often beings the favorite destination of boat and yacht tour.

Located 84 km on the southwestern side of Phuket, Similan Island is one of the most famous (also the biggest) on the islands in the Andaman Sea and is also one of Thailand’s most famous liveaboard thailand areas in the world. Not only diving, but the charm of the Similan island can also steal our hearts with big rocks scattered on the beach, as well as animals and typical plants.


Interesting Activities on Similan Island.

Activities that can be carried out on Similan Island are usually included in the many tour packages available in Phuket, Khao Lak, or Bangkok.

1. Snorkeling

2. Diving

3. Hiking

4. Birds watching

5. Sunbathing


Underwater World Similan Island

The magic under the sea of ​​Similan Island began from a depth of about 7 to dozens of meters. There are various species of coral reefs, fish and other marine animals that can be found by snorkeling or diving (to see more underwater beauty).

Belly-round fish, white fish, red-colored lingers, hogfish, bluefin fish, sweetlips, transparent crystallized glassfish are some types that will be able to be found at a depth of 20 meters. Not only that, various types of shrimps, stingrays, sea eels are also active here.

Lodging in Similan Island

The national park is the only provider of lodgings here. The amount provided is also not much and more tourists are advised to stay in Khao Lak which is only about 13 km from the Similan Islands National Parks. But for those who want to spend the night on Similan Island, there are several alternatives such as:

  • Tour boat

You can follow a tour on the ship that provided lodging facilities. This tour generally provides a complete overnight tour with food, bathroom facilities. But the number of tours available is very limited and usually high rates. Mostly, the tour offers tours from the evening in Similan island during two days tour but still returning the tourist to their lodges in the evenings.

  • Diving boat

This boat is available along the coast and also the Surin Island. However, they usually offer to lodge for tourists divers, not other tourists who want to do snorkeling. More than 40 ships are operating to deliver to Similan Island.

  • Bungalows and tents

The national park provides as many as 20 bungalows in Ko Miang, where national parks are located. The bungalow room is equipped with air conditioning and a bathroom with a harbor view. The price is around 2,000 Baht per night.