How to Get the Best UK Travel Insurance Online

The United Kingdom is beautiful with its serene shoreline, landscapes and architectural beauty. And if you are a History enthusiast, this is the place where the world history is preserved for generations to come, admire and learn from. Travelling through UK is an experience of a lifetime, regardless of whether you are travelling for business purpose or leisure purposes. But one thing that everyone knows very well is – UK is too costly. British Pound ranks 5th in the rankings of the most expensive currencies, and the top four are Gulf Sultanates. So, you might be coming from anywhere in the world, even the US, getting healthcare in the UK will make a big dent in your savings back home. So, always opt for travel insurance when you are planning to visit the UK.

How to get UK travel insurance online
Thanks to the technology and internet, obtaining insurance and making claims has become so much easier through online application and processing. Reputed insurance providers such as Bharti AXA travel insurance provides online facilities for now you can easily apply for the insurance from wherever you are, you do not need to go through the mundane processes and formalities. Here are the five simple steps to get travel insurance UK online.

  1. Visit the official website of the insurance provider
    This is the first step and the most important step too. Make sure you are visiting the authentic website of the insurance company and not some re-seller/ agent’s website or worst, a phishing website.
  2. Go through the insurance plans that are offered
    Every insurance provider offers different types of plans for example, plans for students/ solo travellers/ families/ frequent travellers/ etc. You need to study the plans and then choose the right plan as per your requirements.
  3. Calculate and compare the premium as per your plans
    Get a quote from the insurance provider, consider the insurance policy’s clauses for your travel plan and calculate the important figures such as premium, permissible claim amount, inclusions and exclusions, etc. Also, do the same for travel insurance from different companies and compare their actual costs.
  4. Purchase a policy through Credit Card/ Debit Card/ Net Banking
    If you have zeroed upon the plan that suits perfectly to your requirements, make an online purchase through online payment modes such as credit card/ debit cards/ net banking. You can also pay the premium using any of these modes.
  5. Check the status online and get the soft copy of policy on email
    If you are an existing customer, you can get all information regarding the status of the policy online in the web portal of the insurance providers. Also, you can ask for a soft copy of the policy document over email, for your ready reference.

So, now you can travel without any worries about flight cancellation, health problems or any untoward incidents back home when you are travelling through the UK. Obtaining travel insurance is a very simple process and you can secure your UK trip with an online travel insurance policy from Bharti AXA.