Things You Should Know Before Taking a Vacation Flight During the COVID-19 Pandemic

The year 2020 has been tough, and maybe we all are due for a vacation already. If you have been thinking of jumping on a plane and taking a vacation to any place of your choice, remember that Covid-19 has changed the way we do a lot of things including moving and traveling.  Before you buy that ticket and hop on that plane, you might want to read up on some reviews from sites such as Una hotels and resorts services to help you see reviews of vacation destinations or alternative resorts to help you make the best holiday destination choices. Here are a few things you should know to help get you prepared for your flight

Your Mask Should Stay On

While on the plane, you would likely notice that everyone on board with you would have their mask or face covering on. Most airlines now have a strict mask on policy.  They require that passengers put on their masks throughout the duration of the flight. It is sometimes enforced with threats of being banned from using the airline in future.

Social Distancing Will Not Be Easy

Of course, social distancing would be a lot difficult on the flight because there is just not enough room. If flights decided to achieve the required 6 feet distancing between every passenger, that would just be impossible. Although the middle seats are usually left vacant, but do not expect too much distance. Just do your best to keep your hands to yourself during the flight. Also, outside in the waiting areas, you may find signages that indicate where you should stand or sit to ensure proper social distancing

You Can Bring Your Own Snacks

Most airlines have stopped offering in flight food services, while some just offer prepacked food only. You are advised to pack your own food if you are going to be on a long flight. You should also know that this food would be screened by airport officials.

You Might Be Tested

Some airports and airlines are conducting quick tests for passengers before allowing them board flights. This might become the new normal procedure for boarding flights in the future until we overcome the threats of COVID-19.

Everything Will Be Sanitized

Your luggage, and everything you are taking with you on the trip will be sanitized or disinfected. This is to ensure that the virus cannot be passed on to bag handlers, airport staff or other passengers. Most airlines have introduced the use of UV light as added security. You are advised to carry a little bottle of sanitizer which you can use to wipe down tray tables and sanitize your hands from time to time.

Arrive at the Airports on Time

 There are fewer boarding gates, and airports staff are required to change their gloves after each pat down. This will take much longer than regular airport screening.  It is better to arrive on time so that you can start and complete this process quickly and avoid missing your flight.

Finally research your vacation destination and their Covid-19 prevention procedures. If your proposed destination still has a high rate of Covid-19 exposure or spread, it would be advisable for you to postpone your vacation or pick another destination. Remember to stay safe while enjoying your vacation.