5 Tips for Avoiding Hotel Fees and Getting the Right Value for Money

11 Tips for Avoiding Ridiculous Hotel Fees

Hotels, like every other institution, always appears to have just one term or the other that exists for the sole purpose of forking more money out of a customer’s pockets.

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The enjoyment of a hotel is not just excluded from its service, as the fees introduced may hamper on ones’ enjoyment. Below are five tips to employ when dealing with hotels, to avoid unnecessary fees and still get the most of it:

Ask for their Terms (and read it)

Terms and Conditions are the most overlooked upon documents, and this works very nicely with hotels, because the less you read, the less you can make a substantial claim for. It may simply be requesting for their document on rules, so you have a good understanding of what may be charged for, and plan ahead on how best to avoid it.

Bring Your Own Stuff

It is not uncommon to find hotels that charge separately for Wi-Fi, after probably making a different representation. After getting a notice of their fees, if there is a term present that less would be spent if you just brought your own thing, it would be best to bring your own thing. It may mean bringing your own Wi-Fi and your own drinks rather than choosing to settle for what is in their ‘mini-bar’, and having to pay for more than was budgeted for.

Request a Waiver

Where you have taken note of the hotels ‘fine services’ that you will not be making use of, be sure to request a waiver so that you are not charged for services you in fact did not use. Annoying fees like telephone fees, housekeeping gratuity, snack fees are sometimes included, so once you have made notice of those and have no intention of using them, it would be best to request a general waiver, because the sensors on some equipment may calculate a deduction simply from moving thing around, even when nothing has in fact been taken.

Find Better Alternatives

Sometimes, it will simply prove easier to devote your time into securing a different hotel without the many fees than it will be to work your way around avoiding the fees introduced by these hotels. From mandatory fees that will be included even when a service has not been used, to ridiculous amounts being charged for an early check in or a late check out, it will be easier to secure a hotel that has less of the fees.

There are parking and pool fees charged by some hotels, as well as some more outrageous ones like a telephone surcharge and a tidy sum for using the gym. Inquiring on their fee list, having a conversation about them, and having certainty that the fees can in fact be avoided should be ensured before any conversation on check in should be had.