5 Awkward Instances That May Happen When You Are Traveling Internationally

When it comes to traveling abroad, everyone likes to focus on the memorable and positive aspects of it. People who are passionate about traveling love to tell stories about the places they visited and the experiences they had. However, nobody likes to focus on the tales where things went wrong during an international trip.

Natural disasters, public unrest, lost luggage, missed or canceled flights, getting mugged, losing essential documents and valuables, getting injured and others are some problems that one may encounter while on a trip.

And while the chances of such instances happening are slim, it is always good to be prepared for them. In this article, we have summarized five awkward situations that may occur when you are traveling abroad. Read on to know more.

1. Lost Luggage

Losing luggage is every traveler’s nightmare – imagine arriving at your destination, but your luggage is nowhere to be found. This event has the potential to ruin your perfectly planned holiday, before it even starts.

Moreover, according to the baggage tracking system SITA’s annual report, 10-12 bags per thousand passengers are mishandled every year.

Therefore, it is essential that are ready to tackle any such instance. The best way to avoid inconvenience caused by something like this is to keep a pair of clothes and other important stuff in a light bag and carry it with yourself. 

2. Flight Delay or Cancellation

Delay or cancellation of a flight can cause extreme inconvenience and stress during a trip.  According to a report from the Bureau of Transportation Statistics, every year more than 25 percent of flights are cancelled or delayed.

If you are not used to something like this, the advice is you be prepared for it. While most of the times, the airlines provide compensation depending on the severity of the delay, it doesn’t happen every time. As a result, you may have to shed some extra money to reach your destination.

3. Getting Mugged

Well, this might not come as a good thought, but it is true. Be it New York, London, Hong Kong, or Sydney; you can be robbed or mugged anywhere around the world. Being a traveler in a foreign country, being robbed can come as a significant shock.

It can turn your perfect vacation into a nightmare in an instant. Therefore, you must take steps to ensure your safety, which includes, avoiding wearing valuables, trying not to stand out as a tourist, and making a copy of all your crucial documents.

4. Injury or Illness

From a mild cold or stomachache to a broken bone or limb, almost every traveler gets sick or injured at some point during a trip. The chances of getting sick are higher, as the new environment can have specific side effects on the body.

While predicting these instances is impossible, you can take specific steps to minimize the risks. Before taking the flight, load your bags with essential medicines, take ample rest during the trip, and drink tons of water.

5. Natural Disasters

There is no way to predict a natural disaster. While there can be sure warning signs, the real force of a disaster can only be checked once it has occurred.

Therefore, before traveling, check if there are any warning signs of a natural disaster at your destination.

Precaution Is Always Better

To enjoy your international trip to its fullest, it is vital that you are ready to face any challenges that might come your way. The best way to ensure your security in any of these conditions is by purchasing a travel insurance plan.

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