7 Foods You Should Eat Before Flying

Flying by plane over a height of more than 10,000 feet, sometimes makes passengers nauseous, bloated and other discomfort. For this reason, a number of preparations must be made, including food.

Disturbances while flying are not just airsickness, there are still others who are not less annoying like flatulence or dehydration. You have to do a few steps to avoid inconvenience when flying.

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One way you can do before flying is to eat the right foods. these are 7 foods that you should consume before flying:

1. Low salt food

Before flying, you should not consume too many foods that contain lots of salt. Eating too much food containing salt can make the stomach nauseous, due to too much gas in the body. Of course this feeling is very disturbing to travel. For that, consume low-salt food before flying by plane.

2. Orange

Who would want to take a walk in sick conditions? Surely nobody wants. Unfortunately, the chances of a traveler contracting the disease are great. Airports and planes are one of the public places where many bacteria develop. You can easily be exposed to germs when you are there.

To prevent pain, you should consume lots of oranges. Besides getting vitamin C which can boost the immune system, oranges also prevent you from dehydration.

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3. Herbal tea

Before flying by plane, many tourists consume caffeine, like coffee. Unfortunately, too much caffeine can make you dehydrated. For that, replace coffee with herbal tea. Herbal teas do not naturally contain caffeine, so you can avoid dehydration. So that the stomach continues to feel comfortable, herbal tea with peppermint can be an option.

4. Yogurt

Flying high can make your stomach feel uncomfortable. This is because the human digestive system is not designed to work above a height of 7 miles or 11 km above sea level. To prevent digestive disorders, you can eat yogurt with probiotics that can regulate the digestive system.

5. Water with lemon slices

Often feel tired and sleepy after traveling by plane? This can happen because you are dehydrated. One way to restore body fluids is to consume lots of water. Don’t forget to add thin slices of lemon. In addition, oranges also contain antibacterial which can prevent sore throats.

6. Consume lots of protein

Protein will give you more energy and a feeling of fullness. Some of the proteins that can be chosen are beans. Do not choose fried protein foods, especially if you are on a long flight. This is because your body does not have much time to digest fat into energy.

7. Smoothies

Enjoy the soft and sweet food very well. One of them is smoothies, a combination of yogurt and fresh fruit. Both are believed to prevent dehydration.