Japan Has Some Things You Shouldn’t Do

Japan itself is one of the developed countries in East Asia. One of the main attractions is that this country combines traditional culture with modern culture, so that tourists want to know everything about Japan.
However, Sakura Country has special rules that local residents and foreign tourists must know and follow. Different from other countries, here are some things that must be known before going on vacation to Japan.

Eat with Empty Hands

The first thing that is not allowed to do in Japan is from eating habits, that is, you are not allowed to eat with your bare hands. If in Indonesia it is commonplace to eat with your bare hands, the Japanese consider this impolite. Therefore when you eat in Japan, as much as possible use chopsticks, fork or spoon.

As long as you post photos or videos of strangers

Along with the widespread use of social media, now almost everyone uploads their activities there. In Japan, this is a very strict rule, because it involves a person’s privacy.
When visiting, obey the norms in Japan, one of which is that you are not allowed to just take photos or videos of other people you don’t know.

Picking Cherry Blossoms

The next thing that is not allowed to do in Japan is picking cherry blossoms, so as not to spoil the beauty of these flowers. Instead of picking from the tree, you can do something that is permissible in Japan, which is picking cherry blossoms that have fallen on the ground.

Giving Tips to Waiters

Maybe some of you are used to giving tips to waiters. However, for the Japanese people, this is considered as an insult.
Increasingly here, the habit of not giving tips is becoming more and more entrenched in Japan, because the service fee includes the price of the product you pay for. So, you no longer need to tip the waiter.

Sharing Food from One Chopstick to Another

Another thing not to do in Japan is sharing food from chopstick to chopstick. This is related to the tradition of cremation in Japan, where the family members take turns removing the remaining bones from the cremation ashes with chopsticks.

You are not allowed to play cellphones or make noise when watching movies

The next thing that is not allowed to do in Japan is playing cellphones while in the cinema. If you dare to do it, all eyes will be on you with a cynical look.

Driving more than two passengers

Japan is known for its strict rules, especially traffic. One of the regulations is a ban on motorcycle passengers of more than two passengers.

Not Bending

Shaking hands is something the Japanese don’t like, because it’s considered an act of impolite, unless you’re a foreigner.
The Japanese are used to bowing when meeting other people with the intention of respecting them. So, if you don’t bow when they bow, the Japanese will think you are not polite.

Pointing with Forefinger

When talking to local residents, the thing that is not allowed in Japan is pointing with the index finger. Because the Japanese consider this impolite, it could even be considered threatening.