What Makes a Good Travel Hotel?

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You have just received a brief about a business trip you are to embark on soon, to provide remote customer support for one of the company’s longtime patrons. After booking a cheap flight ticket using SuperSaver Norge, the dilemma of finding a hotel to book with for the one week stay stares you in the face. Being your first time visiting that part of the country, you find yourself in a fix, even after reading reviews on Norskeanmeldelser.no; having to choose from several available options remains a severe burden.

Well, we have put together the essential things to look out for when choosing from a plethora of hotels, when you do have to travel. Star ratings are necessary considerations, but, I am sure every traveller is more concerned with comfort, homeliness within the fringes of their budget.

  1. A warm staff culture

Any hotel that will perform well on customer reviews needs to develop a culture of warmth and generosity. For the first time callers and regular customers alike, members of staff should create a homely ambience for every single person that visits, irrespective of status. Such culture is likely to make visitors gloss over minor inadequacies of a hospitality provider. Perhaps you have encountered excellent reviews of two-star hotels, and terrible reviews of five-star hotels online, further investigation would likely reveal the overall customer experience to have been based on the staff culture. So, look out for reviews on customer experience, and how well members of staff welcomed them.

  1. A commensurate portrait

In a bid to win over customers, it has become common practice for some hotels to make ads with misleading or even larger-than-life portrayal of their facilities. The case with this kind of misinformation, especially for people who book for rooms before arrival, is that they get disappointed with the reality, relative to the conception provided by the ads.

It, therefore, pays to be honest, not only about facilities but also about the pricing of rooms and services. Reviews that highlight complaints about hotels charging extra for services that were not stated explicitly in the agreement should be an eye-opener of which hotel to avoid.

  1. The premium location

After narrowing down your search, another factor that could help you get the best travel experience is picking a good location. Depending on what your preferences are, you might want to choose a hotel close to a shopping district, or one overlooking a waterfall and close to a fjord. In all, pick a location that works best for your purpose of travel. If you are visiting a city for a meeting that requires thorough preparations before, you do not want to book with a hotel that hosts a loud disco hall in its basement.

  1. Extra amenities at no charge

While traveling, having access to free Wi-Fi, a gym, spacious room is always a plus. But having these amenities at no added cost is golden. So, do well to look out for the facilities provided by your available options, and more importantly, if they are metered. Some hotels offer some of these services at a ridiculously low price, go with what works best for you and your wallet.