5 Top Companies Into The Manufacturing Of Traveling Bags

Travelling bags are essential materials for your travel. Check Collected.Reviews for the different types of bags that people use when traveling. People use different kinds of traveling bags. And people who travel frequently, the bags they carry depend on their travel experiences and the purpose of the travels.

If you are looking for a perfect bag to use for your travel, here are 5 top companies that are into the manufacturing of travelling bags.

  1. American Tourister: 

For travel bags, if you want quality bags that will cost you less, American Tourister is the go-to brand for you. American Tourister bags as the name implies are best for tourists. The bags are recommended for both travellers and vacationers. The bag is owned by the popular brand, Samsonite. The soft side and hard side of the bag are available in different bold colours. Bags are also available for kids with designs of favourite Disney and Marvel characters. You can get this bag in retail stores like Amazon, eBay, etc.

  1. TravelPro: 

TravelPro bags are common among flight crews – pilots and air hostess alike. The bag is an excellent choice for people concerned about quality and durability. These special qualities of TravelPro bags should ordinarily make them costly, however, the bags are mid-priced. The reason why the bag is common among airline staff is that the company was founded by a pilot who saw the need for staff to have a bag with wheels and the idea became a reality. Newer bags from this company are made of premium materials, leather edges and a lifetime warranty.

  1. Eagle Creek: 

This bag is known for its durability and ability to perform many functions. The bag is very rugged and is suitable for any weather condition. The bag has strong types and a strong zip that cannot be punctured making it usable even if you use it roughly. The company offers a lifetime warranty on the bags along with other accessories for personal use.

  1. Kelsey: 

This brand was established in 1947 in France but at the time, it was only making cases for cameras not until 1970 when it started producing luggage. The bags are affordable even though the designs are innovative and durable enough to make them luxurious.

  1. Briggs & Riley: 

This company has taken packing to another level with its lifetime bags that can expand when you are packing and compress when you are done. The bags have a large interior and stylish exterior that can withstand wear and tear from flights. Spelling ease, convenience, and comfort, they are the kind of bags you go to whenever you need something essentialist and minimalist.

Travelling bags are an essential part of your journey. A good travelling bag allows you to go anywhere you want easily. With a travelling bag from any of these brands, you can carry all your properties anywhere you travel without stress. There are other companies in this industry but these five have proven to be different.