Dubai Desert Safari is not just a trip.

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Why Desert safari Dubai?

Dubai desert safari is not just a trip. It is a whole package of adventure, thrill, crazy rides, amazing camp activities, the camping experience, walking over Sand dunes, the wonderful photography at the desert and much more. It is so amazing to see how a trip in a desert can be so unique and unforgettable. The Arabian desert is actually a land of adventures and mesmerizing activities. The morning activities are so lit. Desert safari Dubai is a perfect example of how life in a desert can be amazing and beautiful. The evenings are no more boring and the night is still young. Desert safari Dubaihas perfectly put the Arabian festive into activities.

I would love to brief you about the activities that are offered at Dubai desert safari.

The adventures of Desert safari Dubai:

The crazy, bumpy ride over Sand Dunes:

I am talking about Sand dune bashing. The driver will pick you from your location and will take you for dune bashing. Wear your sunglasses and get ready to experience off-roading. It is actually fun because the Sand dunes are not even.

The wonderful bike:

Quad biking is also fun. Sit on a four-wheeled bike and take some rounds. Experts are there and they will help you. Quad bikes cannot be tried on main roads so the desert is a perfect place.

Explore the desert with Camel:

Camel is a friendly animal. It will help you in exploring the desert. Sit on the back of a camel and enjoy camel safari.

Slide over Sand dunes:

Sandboarding is like surfing on a Sand. Don’t miss the fun. Record your moments.

Sunrise/Sunset photography:

Admire the beauty of dawn or dusk. Appreciate the colors of the sky and capture all the moments.

You can experience all these activities in the morning or evening.

The night activities are different. They are more about camping.

The fiery performance.

Watchfire show live at a desert. Performers handle fire so beautifully. It is amazing to watch.

The beautiful turns.

Tanoura show is a must watch at the overnight safari. The artists are well trained. They perform so nicely.

Belly dancing.

Enjoy the music and watch belly dancers putting in all the efforts.

Henna Designing.

Henna or Mehendi is used to decorate hands or feet with beautiful designs. It is actually a form of body art. The experts of henna will not disappoint you. Leave it for some minutes for the darker color.

Costume photography.

Wear Arabic costume on the Arabian desert and take your beautiful pictures to keep them as a memory.


Dinner is part of the package and it includes barbeque and buffet. It is a must try. Food will add spice your trip.

There are private bookings and group bookings depending on the number of people willing to come to Dubai desert safari. Book your deal according to the activities that you prefer. There are three choices. They are morning safari, evening safari, and overnight safari.