Where To stay In Canggu: Most Popular Hotels

#1 Stay Along Canggu’s Main Street Batu Bolong

The main parts of Canggu can be found along Jl. Batu Bolong running towards the ocean. Restaurants, boutique shops, spas, bars, weekend markets, accommodation, it’s all here.

Great idea to stay around here if it’s your very first time coming to Canggu. It’s easily walkable as paved sidewalks have now arrived in Canggu!

#2 Stay At Berawa Beach – Close To Seminyak & Finns Beach Club

Across the bumpy shortcut from here, you will get to Jl. Pantai Berawa, another area I really like. Places are set a little more apart and I recommend a scooter to get to all the cool places.

On this side of Canggu, you will also find Finns Beach Club, a beachfront club with an infinity pool, daybeds, bars and the waves of Berawa right in front of you.

#3 Stay Near Echo Beach & Right Near The Infamous Samadi Yoga Studio

Jl. Pandang Linjong goes into Jl. Batu Mejan is the main road down to Echo Beach with its restaurants, cafés and shops.

A little quieter, especially if you get further away from the beach and closer to the infamous Samadi yoga retreat, one of Bali’s best-rated yoga retreats with daily classes and a beautiful health café.

#4 Stay More Local In Pererenan

Then there is also Jl. Pantai Pererenan, even though Pererenan is another village I count it as the Canggu area. I love it around here as it’s more local with more beautiful rice fields and not as many restaurants and cafés.

That’s why I love it though. It’s far enough to find tranquillity and close to all the Canggu action. Highly recommend you have some sort of transport when you stay around here.