Tips for Vacation to the Beach

Travel tips on the beach must be considered for tourists who want to vacation to this exotic place.

The beauty of the sea, corals, and the light breeze is indeed the reason why the beach is a favorite tourist destination in the archipelago.

However, behind the charm and attractiveness it has, the beach has quite extreme hot weather.

Therefore, try to prepare adequate supplies ranging from clothing, food, and other personal equipment.

Vacation to the beach will be disrupted if you do not prepare everything needed.

The beach as a natural tourist attraction is indeed very exciting, but what happens if you end up experiencing unwanted things.

The scorching sun, flying sand on the beach, and the brunt of the waves can sometimes be quite annoying.

So, apply the following beach travel tips to make your vacation even more fun.

Use a high SPF sunblock

It is common knowledge that the beach is synonymous with very hot weather. In fact, the heat of the sun can harm your skin layer.

The skin will become darker, burn, or appear black spots.

Therefore, when you decide to take a vacation to the beach, use a sunblock or sunscreen with a fairly high SPF level.

The use of a moisturizer or foundation that contains SPF is not necessarily enough because the levels are usually quite low.

In contrast to sunblock which has levels up to SPF 50.

Wear black glasses

The next tourist tip on the beach is that it is recommended to wear black glasses.

Did you know that from 10 am to 4 pm, the radiation produced by UV rays is quite high.

It turns out that the hot sun does not only make the eyes become blind or blurry.

Moreover, excessive radiation that enters the eye can cause dangerous diseases.

The function of sunglasses here is to protect from the harmful UV rays.

So, glasses are not just a tool that is used as a shield from dust.

Wear the right outfit

Although it looks trivial, it turns out that outfits have an important role when you are on vacation to the beach.

Choose clothing colors that are striking or eye catching so that you can produce good camera shots under the hot sun.

Also, complete your cute outfit with a beach hat or bandana to protect your head from the heat of the sun.

However, still wear polite beach clothes according to prevailing eastern customs. Wear clothes that are safe from strong winds from the beach.

Don’t leave your intimate parts open in public.

Prepare the best camera

One of the activities that should not be missed while on vacation to the beach is taking selfies.

It’s incomplete if you don’t capture the fun moments behind the extraordinary beauty of the beach.

You will get a beautiful beach image angle when it is supported by a good camera quality.

If you don’t have a digital camera, you can take advantage of the sophistication of your Android phone.

The quality of beach photos produced by Android is no less interesting than digital cameras.