Southwest Airlines To Scale Down Cuba Flights (2)

FlightsThe airline will stop flying to Varadero and Santa Clara in Cuba on Sept. 4 and has applied with the U.S. Department of Transportation for one more daily round journey between Ft. Lauderdale and Havana.

The frequent flyer alliance is quickly becoming a two horse race between the Star Alliance and One World Airlines. There are a number of options for flights from USA to Australia within every alliance. My private opinion is that the continued devaluation of frequent flyer miles and shortening of point expiry periods makes loyalty to at least one airline or alliance uneconomic.

Fortunately, with new airways getting into the extremely worthwhile pacific crossing market, prices are being kept down. Periodically you will discover offers that get you across the pacific for well below $a thousand. These fares often embrace discounted home journey passes. Details of Qantas’ Aussie AirPass are found at the link.

To be an airport-managed lounge, I discovered it very effectively outfitted. Clean bogs, ample space for sitting or lounging, free Wi-Fi amenities, a relatively sedate environment regardless of the excessive number of passengers already utilizing the services and a generously effectively-appointed buffet area with nice Oriental, Western and Middle Eastern breakfast choices. Not having had the chance to take my breakfast as I left the resort at 05.00 am, it was most welcome.

I enjoyed this matter as well as the unique event that I knew little about over the Grand Canyon. In regards to the Air Commerce Act, it was a needed step for a license and aircraft check. However, because of the proliferation of normal aviation, it’s onerous to enforce these tips. There aren’t sufficient people assuring that med cards are present, licenses are legitimate, plane has correct tools. Just not sufficient technique of accountability. Nothing like freeway journey security enforcement.

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