Where to Stay In Gili Islands: Best Areas & Hotels

How Many Days to Stay in the Gili Islands?

If you’re making a trip over to the Gili Islands, you’ll want to stay at least 2 nights. My original plan was to stay for 2 nights, but I ended up extending it to 3 because I loved it that much!

I think 3 nights is the perfect amount of time to get to explore the island, do some water activities, and then of course relax and unwind.

Gili T, Gili Air, and Gili Meno offer many similar activities, so this short itinerary can be applied to wherever you choose to stay!

Gili Islands 3-Day Itinerary

Day 1

On the first day, after you check into your accommodation, explore the island! The best way to do this is by bike, which is available to hire all over the island and offered at most hotels.

You can bike all around Gili T,

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The Best Remote Job Sites To Find Your Dream Remote Job (In 2022)

Job Sites Where Everyone Can Apply vs. Using A Paid Exclusive With Less Competition

#1 Sites That Take A Cut From Your Pay

It’s likely you have heard of sites like Upwork, Freelancer and Fiverr when you read this.

I believe they are some of the best remote jobs websites to test the waters with freelancer work and independent clients, however, they are less than ideal when looking for a part or full-time remote job. 

The main reason is that they take roughly 20% fees on everything you make while working via the platform.

They can even watch your screen on how you work, plus the introduction of their points-based system makes it hard to compete when you are brand new and just starting out as you’ll be forced to compete on price.

If you want to dip your toes into freelance life, nothing wrong with using Upwork or Fiverr,

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The Best Beaches in Uluwatu

Padang Padang

Padang Padang beach is my personal favourite, though it can get busy so it’s important to time your visit.

This beach stretches about one hundred and fifty metres, with the sand weaving in and out of rocky outcrops. There are plenty of little coves to explore, and a couple of small beach bars in the main part of the beach, if you fancy a drink.

You do need to pay to enter the beach; it’s 10,000 IDR ($0.65 USD) for locals and 20,000 ($1.30) for tourists. This fee helps keep the beach in pristine condition and protects the surrounding forest. You might even see some monkeys as you walk down to the beach!

Padang Padang is in Pecuta Village and there is plenty of parking nearby.

It’s also one of the best surf beaches in Uluwatu for beginners, with a super pleasant break that forms about one hundred

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Where To Stay In Nusa Lembongan: Best Areas & Hotels

Dream Beach – The Best Beach on the Islands

Dream Beach is exactly that: a dream! You will want to have this at the top of your to-visit list as it is one of the best beaches of all three islands.

The only downside is that a lot of other tourists think the same, so to avoid the crowds the best time to head this way is in the am. Or wait till low tide and walk around the rocky headland. You can walk into a cave that will bring you to a secluded part of the beach, which you likely get to have all to yourself.

At Dream Beach, you will find crystal clear waters, white sands, hidden caves, colourful reefs and cliff jumps here.

Swimming here is possible but be aware of the rip tides and swells. If you are not a strong swimmer you might want to

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Ultimate Travel Guide To Canggu, Bali: Things To Do, Eat & Where To Stay

Where To Rent A Surfboard In Canggu

There are a couple of surf hats right in front of the Old Man’s Bar on the beach where you can rent boards of all sizes for around 50.000 Rupiah for two hours or bring your own, there is plenty of parking. Note that this is now mostly paid parking with a security guard.

You can also ask for a surf lesson here, there is always someone around who will take you out for 2 hours.

As Canggu is getting increasingly busy, I would highly recommend you book your surf lesson ahead of time to not miss the best time of the day to go out, especially if you are short on time!

Be aware that the short break right at the shore is dangerous though. I’ve seen so many people get smashed (yep, including me a few times) so just be quick

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