The Best Bali Honeymoon Villas (+ Most Romantic Things To Do)

How Much Does a Honeymoon in Bali Cost?

When it comes to planning a honeymoon in Bali, prices can range a lot. The average Bali honeymoon hotel will cost somewhere between USD 75-250 a night, while the more luxurious resorts can range anywhere between USD 350-750+ for a night.

Apart from accommodation, you’ll have to account for flight prices and the activities you plan to do on the island as well. I recommend checking your flight options on Skyscanner.

Some activities you might be interested in as newlyweds would be a cooking class, which typically costs around USD 35 per person, or a luxury couple massage which can range anywhere from USD 50-150.

You can also hire a private driver for the day for around USD 40, which will allow you to easily get around and explore the area.

Bali is such a great destination because it caters to

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Best Destinations for Bloggers in 2022

You’re reading this article because you want to find a perfect place to settle for a while to work on your blog. It means that you are:

  • about to start a blog,
  • you have recently started your blog, or
  • you’re an established blogger.
Agness blogging at the beach in the Maldives. Seems like a dream job, right?  

In all of the above situations – even though your experience level differs – your needs are very similar. You need a place where:

  • the internet is fast and reliable,
  • it’s relatively cheap (since you can work from anywhere, go somewhere you can afford a decent living),
  • there are other bloggers around (so you can network and learn from each other),
  • you don’t have to explain to everyone around that you aren’t unemployed, you don’t need help finding a “real” job, and you don’t have unlimited time because you don’t work 9
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Guide To Mexican Street Food: More Than Just Tacos

If you find yourself in Mexico, then you can expect to see plenty of sand and sun, unique landscapes across the country and a colorful culture. But one of our favourite pastimes is learning about (and eating) the traditional Mexican street foods. While most of us are familiar with tacos, burritos and nachos, authentic Mexican street food is so much more than that!

Al Pastor cooking on a spit at a food stand
Al Pastor cooking on a spit at a food stand.

We don’t consider ourselves to be experts (yet!) but we have done our fare share of research and are currently eating our way through Mexico. Instead of shying away from the unknown and sometimes unpronounceable, we’ve put together a guide to Mexican street food to introduce some of the usual options available for you to try at food stands. If you know what to look for, you can enjoy delicious and filling foods for a fraction of

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How To Hitchhike in New Zealand

If you want to try your hand at hitch hiking, than New Zealand is the best place to do it. Despite one or two cases making it into the news, New Zealand is still one of the safest and most beautiful places in the world to hitch hike. Of course, hitch hiking always carries with it some risks, but then so does every other activity in this world. So if you are keen to hitch around New Zealand, then this guide will give you the basics.

Why hitchhike in New Zealand?

New Zealand was the first, and only, place I have hitch hiked in. Originally I started hitch hiking because there were no public transport options to where I wanted to get to. It was my only option. Even where there are public transport options, they are often infrequent and rather costly, so hitchhiking is a great way to

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U.S. Airlines Raise Some Domestic Fares $5 (2)

Cheap FlightsEver questioned where can be an affordable place to dwell? Wonder no extra as this page lists the cheapest major cities in the world by which to live as of February 2009.

Airlines have been all about glamour and new technology. The hostess offered the glamour and jet engines were a modern innovation for passenger planes so publicity photographs typically combined the two. This is a fantastic hub, my mom was an airline hostess back within the early 70’s for United. I remember flying to visit my grandparents without cost every summer time. Fantastic photos, I love the historical past.

Republican Representative Jeff Duncan, chairman of a House western hemisphere subcommittee, said the choice put Americans in danger as a result of Cuba has restricted airport security and was additionally inappropriate because of Cuba’s poor human rights record. Very fascinating hub. I especially liked the images accompanying the descriptions. Thanks … Read more

Ultimate 4 Days Batam Itinerary

Batam Riau Islands is one of the few lesser-known tropical places in Indonesia. Over the years, it’s gained a lot of popularity in tourism for its low-expense holidays. I’ve lived in Batam for almost a decade and here’s how you can build your Batam Itinerary for 4 days.

To cover most must-visit places in Batam Riau including a stay at an exotic beach resort, you need no more than 3-4 days. It is a small city where only a few spots like the Barelang Bridge need more than an hour’s drive. Though a city, there’s not too much of a hustle and bustle. Take your time and wander the island at your own pace.

Like most of Indonesia, the people are hospitable and calm. So make yourself comfortable as you tread through this Batam Itinerary for 4 days.

Batam Itinerary for 4 Days

This itinerary is based on my experiences

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Best Time to Visit Jamaica

Jamaica is an incredible country with plenty of culture to immerse yourself in. If you’re a fan of visiting sunny, beachy destinations, then it’s the perfect place for you. 

Like most travel destinations, there are certain times of year to visit Jamaica that will ensure you get the best experience possible. We’ve already written about the best places to visit in Jamaica, so now let’s take a look at some of the best times to visit this beautiful country. Read on for more. 

The Tropics & Its Seasons

Before you jump ahead and book your all-inclusive holiday in Jamaica, it helps to have a little more insight about the different seasons when traveling the Caribbean. Here’s what you need to know about flying between seasons:

green palm trees near body of water

Jamaica’s Peak Season

Mid-December is generally when Jamaica’s high-season travel begins, and it continues until April of the next year. The island becomes an active

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6 Days Outdoor Adventure Travel Itinerary in Colombia

Looking to spend a few days in Colombia? Six days is more than enough to plan an adventure, and there’s plenty to see in this beautiful country. 

We’ve created a 6-day travel itinerary that hits all of the marks – Medellin, Bogata, and Cartagena. These are some of the most popular Colombian travel destinations, and for a good reason. Read on for more. 

Day 1: Visiting the Bogota Neighborhoods

Start your Colombian adventure by visiting one of the many incredible neighborhoods in Bogota. Most travelers agree that La Candelaria is one of the best places to start – it’s central, modern, and packed with fun things to do. 

there are plenty of colourful sights to visit in colombia

In La Candelaria, you’ll find plenty of amazing food and even better coffee. Be sure to have cash on you to pay for street food, tips, taxis, and souvenirs. 200,000 COP, which is around US$60, should be more than enough. And remember

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Beginner Guide to Glamping | Etramping

Glamping is known across the world as a glamorous form of luxury camping. Some more affluent travellers would like to create their own camping experience, while others enjoy putting their experience in the hands of a professional. Regardless of which one you are, glamping is definitely unique and can be a great eye-opening and indulgent experience.

How is Glamping Different From Camping? 

Glamping consists of facilities and camping accommodations that set it apart from the basic camping experience. 

Glamping can be as luxurious as sleeping in a dome tent and having a kitchen and a toilet. Some glampsites even offer additional amenities such as hot tubs and BBQ areas. Ultimately, glamping allows one to connect more with nature while staying in a comfortable and well-furnished accommodation. 

What makes glamping so appealing to millennials and generation Z is that it allows individuals to experience travel in a way they never have

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Best Things to Do in Shelburne, Nova Scotia

Last updated:

Shelbourne, Nova Scotia is a unique town on the south shore of the province, about a 2.5-hour drive away from Halifax. It doesn’t have the star status of Peggy’s Cove and Lunenburg but what it does have is the third best natural harbour in the world, unobstructed waterfront views thanks to the filming of The Scarlett Letter in 1994 starring Demi Moore and Robert Duvall (which required burying electrical cables and refurbishing buildings), colourful 18th century buildings, great walking trails, beaches, a cool lighthouse, interesting museums, a microbrewery, a handful of wonderful places to eat – and most importantly, welcoming citizens who are happy to see tourists. This is a part of Nova Scotia that should be on your must visit list.

I spent three days and nights in the area, squeezing everything I could into my stay. I had a few misses, partially because

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