Current travel restrictions in Europe due to Corona Virus: June to December 2021

The coronavirus that ravaged many parts of the world made changes to a lot of systems. The coronavirus is also known as Covid-19 affected different sectors of different countries. Education, health, finance, transportation, aviation even the economic condition of many countries was affected as a result of the pandemic. Many countries have inflicted quarantine, travel ban, and other restrictions to prevent the spread of the virus. Although travel bans and restrictions have effectively decreased the spread of the virus, it has caused a lot of damage to the economic sector of the country. Travel bans and restrictions have affected the tourism sector of countries as there is no entry for travellers from different parts of the world.

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Here are some countries that currently enforce travel restrictions due to the coronavirus pandemic meanwhile some countries can only allow foreigners in their countries if only they are tested negative for coronavirus.

• Hungary

Since 1 September 2020, only the Hungarians are allowed to enter Hungary meanwhile travellers or business personnel is allowed to enter, provided they have negative Covid-19 results.

• Denmark

Denmark still runs a travel ban but gives exemption to travellers who can provide a Covid-19 vaccination certificate.

• Norway

The Norwegian border is still closed as it gives no entry to most territories. Only countries with low infection rates are entitled to enter Norway.

• Monaco

Quarantine is enforced if visitors are unable to display a negative PCR test 3 days before their arrival.

• Andorra

In Andorra, travel officials warn and essential travels alone as the state remains under strict travel restrictions. For travellers who plan to stay in Andorra for more than 72 hours, a negative PCR test is required.

• Austria

In Austria, flight bans are in effect for countries like India, Brazil, South Africa, and the United Kingdom.

• Finland

Finland has extended its border restrictions until June and its borders have been equipped with tighter security precautions.

• Latvia

Latvia only permits essential travels and entry into the country requires a negative PCR test, 3 days before arrival flights.

• Netherlands

Netherlands accepts only travellers from country with local BD19 risk a 10-day self current time is required for travellers who are coming from countries that are highly impacted with covid- 19

• Bulgaria

In Bulgaria, travellers arriving from countries like Pakistan, Nepal, Brazil, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka Maldives Island and countries in Africa are restricted from arriving, although, there are no inter-city restrictions and some sectors in the country are either on lockdown or functioning at low capacity.

• Croatia

 In Croatia, travellers from the United Kingdom and non-EU/ EEA country are allowed to enter for essential travels only. Travellers are obliged to isolate themselves for 10 days on their arrival in Croatia if they are unable to provide the negative PCR test or a certificate of vaccination.

• Estonia

Estonia travellers from EU/ EEA countries with a high infection rate that is higher than 150 cases per 100,000 of their population in the last two weeks will apply for a 10-day quarantine, meanwhile travel documents, as well as medical symptoms, are checked at the borders.