ATTA: Adventure Travel Search Site

If you have ever booked an adventure trip, or have really tried all kinds of other package trips through a tour operator, chances are that you have experienced at least some anxiety when you type your credit card number or enter the check in the mail. What if it’s not as promised? What do you really know about this company that you trust with your money and security?

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The Adventure Travel Trade Association (ATTA) works on simple but useful solutions

This will allow you to focus your moment of anxiety in the seconds before diving to the bottom of the cliff or regarding an uncertain set of rapids, other than the ordering process. The new Adventure Travel website features a filtered list of features for reliability and credibility.

ATTA builds directories by not allowing paid placements by selecting eligible ATTA members. While at this stage, this seems like a tactic to get tour operators to join the organization. The next step in the directory will bring greater benefits for travelers who are looking for a credible company.

ATTA said the company would rise in directory rankings according to an “unspecified quality measure”

In the future, this site will introduce consumer review capabilities, which will add a real-world angle to the list. Finally, registered companies will also sign a commitment to pursue sustainable tourism practices. Let’s hope these elements come together to produce a useful and trustworthy source for adventure travelers who are looking for the best experience for their money.

In the meantime, don’t rule out adventure travel providers just because they aren’t on this list. Conversely, if you find a provider that seems promising, do some research and ask around (online and offline) to gauge the reliability of the company before ordering.