19 Top-Rated Tourist Attractions in Hong Kong | PlanetWare

Hong Kong is a holiday destination with beautiful attractions. Hong Kong has the city’s best museums, historical landmarks, and breathtaking sceneries. There are many reasons to fall in love with this glamorous city. Let’s take a look at some of them lest you feel overwhelmed. 

  1. Victoria Peak 

The Peak, as it is commonly known, is the high point in Hong Kong from where you can see the skyline. To get to the top of this scenic viewpoint, take a ride tram at the Peak Tram station located at the entrance of Hong Kong Park. This tram travels up to 1,300 feet. At the top of the tram is an observation deck where you can use a coin-operated telescope to have a panoramic view of this bustling city, the waterfront, harbor, and islands.

To go down the Peak, you can take a brisk walk as you enjoy the different flora and fauna on the way. You can also take photos as you listen to the birds’ musical tunes and the waterfall gushing. There is a Peak Cycle Walk where you can take a 3.5 km hike. The Peak is lush greenery with a labyrinth of nature trails and more fantastic views of the town.

  1. Ocean Park

Ocean Park is a marine-themed park. It features an oceanarium, animal theme park, marine mammal park, and an amusement park. The vast aquarium dome contains thousands of fish from 400 species, while the reef tunnel has the rare sea stars and sea cucumbers. Above the aquarium is a Giant Panda Adventure. Here you will find the red pandas, giant panda, and the endangered species of the Chinese Giant Salamander.

  1. Repulse Bay and the beaches

Repulse bay and beaches are a famous wave-lapped beach that is popular with locals and foreigners. The beach stretch is crescent-shaped clear azure blue water that gently laps the seashore. The sand is soft and golden, giving you a resort-like feel in your morning strolls. Its crescent-shaped stretch of sand provides the beach with a splendid view.

You can enjoy swimming without the fear of sharks because the beach has shark prevention nets. You can enjoy the sunset in the evening or take photos at a nearby lighthouse.

Repulse Bay area is among the most expensive residential areas in Hong Kong. There are many award-winning restaurants and luxury apartments.

  1. Visit Disneyland in Hong Kong

Hong Kong Disneyland, located on the reclaimed land in Lantau Island, is a preferred tourist attraction. You can enjoy electrifying adventures like Hyperspace Mountain, which is a fast-paced ride for family and kids. It was recently rebranded and updated to feature a Star War story-line. It has lots of tight turns and loops that will leave you clinging on the seats as shots get fired between the x-wings and the Tie fighter.

If you are a thrill-seeker, take a flight from https://www.cathaypacific.com/destinations/en_US/flights-from-boston-to-hong-kong and you will enjoy the big grizzly mountain runaway mine cars. It features plenty of dips, twists, faux explosions, and a spoiler alert.

  1. Temple Street Night Market

Temple street night market is a bustling market that rattles to life after dusk. Carts bulging with goods, low-priced merchandise, and second-hand goods are all found here. You will also encounter fortune-tellers, herbalists, and street-food vendors.

Visitors swarm into the streets to have a look at the myriad of items strewn on mats. For tourists and locals, this is where to shop for fun and convenience. You can buy cheap souvenirs and affordable gifts. As you go about your business, you get entertainment from free street singers and performers. It is the only street in Hong Kong where accessibility, simplicity, tranquility, a mix of products, and food meet.


Tian Tan Buddha is an enormous bronze statue perched on the hills of Lantau Island. It is an impressive sight and should feature in your sight-seeing itinerary. Also called the Big Buddha, this statue stands at 34-feet and weighs over 250 tons. It is one of the world’s top ten Buddha statues, turning it into an icon.

The statue is so impressive that it is visible from a distance casting its shadow over Lantau. You can have the chance to climb the statue-but part of it-for free. Two hundred sixty steps lead up from its base. As you ascend, you will find six other Bodhisattva statues. At the Peak of the stairway is a small exhibition on the life lived by this religious leader.

You can have an aerial view of the lush vegetation of Lantau Island, South China Sea, and Hong Kong airport.

  1. Wong Tai Sin Temple

Woi Tai Sin is a famous shrine for Taoist devotees and a tourist attraction. It is a must-visit if you long to chant prayers like ‘make every wish come true upon request.’ This temple commemorateS Woi Tai Sin (also known as Huang Chu-ping) monk of Yore.

Woi Tai Sin lived a humble life as a shepherd in Zhejian. At 15, an immortal being appeared and taught Wong Tai Sin a secret herbal concoction that could heal all diseases. That is the reason why he is worshipped by those who are sick and those who want to keep illnesses at bay. Woi Tai Sin is also the preferred god of merchants.

Worshippers come to this temple to pray, seek divine guidance, seek fortune-teller’s wisdom, and give offerings. You can access the statue by ascending the stairs at the base of Tai Sui Yuenchen Hall.

  1. Tai O Fishing Village

Tai O is the village for the Tanka people whose livelihood is fishing. Tai O is one of the oldest communities for the Tanks people whose livelihood is fishing. Located on the West of Lantau Island is home to around 2,000 natives. Their houses stand on stilts that are interconnected; forming a close-knit community. This floating village is an iconic view of any photography enthusiast. You can access this small village by bus or train. It is a haven of tranquility, a contrast to the bustling metropolitan.