Where To Stay In Sanur: 5-Star Beachfront To Budget

Best Things to Do in Sanur

There are plenty of activities to keep you busy in Sanur including the typical things you should do in Bali like souvenir shopping or getting a massage.

However, here are some activities unique to Sanur that you should check out during your stay!


The beaches of Sanur are some of the most popular places in Bali to do watersports.

The conditions here are great for kitesurfing, parasailing, jet skiing, banana boats, etc. You can also ask one of the local fishermen to take you out for a catch!


Sanur isn’t necessarily known for having the most stunning beaches in Bali, however, it is known for having the most incredible sunrise.

If you’re looking to witness pure magic to start your morning, head to the beach early for an amazing sunrise!

The Promenade

Not many other spots in Bali have such a scenic, well-paved promenade along the beach.

Whether you’re looking to go for a long stroll, jog, or cycle, this is a great feature for those looking to stay active on their beach holiday!

Sea Turtle Release

This was one of the best things I did in Bali, and it was organised by the Genius Cafe in Sanur.

This typically happens between June and August, but stop by the cafe and they will be able to tell you when the next one is happening! It is a great activity for everyone to do, including families with young children.

Kite Festival

The Bali Kites Festival is an exciting event that usually takes place between July and August, where hundreds of kites of all different shapes and sizes will fill the sky!

But even if you’re not there during the kites festival, don’t worry, you will see plenty of beautiful kites flying throughout your stay in Sanur.

Sindhu Night Market

This is Sanur’s night market, and a great activity to do if you’re looking to experience how the locals live.

It opens around 5pm every night of the week, and is where you’ll find the cheapest, most delicious Bali food!

Pod Chocolate (now Junglegold Bali)

Pod Chocolate is all over Bali and is very well known! They’ve recently rebranded to become Junglegold Bali, however, you’ll still hear it referred to as both brands.

Sanur has its own local shop which offers a big selection with great prices, and you can even do a free chocolate tasting!