What Are The Possible Ways In Which You Can Book Cheap Flight From Mumbai To Goa



There is no doubt that the Mumbai to Goa flight corridors is among the busiest corridors in the country, especially since Goa seems to be on the top of the list for last minute party plans. As such, it might seem that since the demand for this corridor is high, it would be difficult to get a good deal on tickets. However, that is not the case. If you were ever wondering as to what are the possible ways in which you can book Mumbai to Goa flights at lowest airfare, you are in the right place. Go through this guide for the best ways to get cheap flight tickets from Mumbai to Goa.

1.     Book Your Tickets In Advance:

This is perhaps the oldest and the most effective tip in the book. If you wish to travel to Goa, it is often with a group of friends over a long weekend. It is very easy to plan your trip around such days, because common sense dictates that if you are getting a long weekend, so is everyone else. This is what causes spikes in fair. So, if you book tickets before that spike begins, then, surprise, you have a cheap air ticket from Mumbai to Goa!
But, at the same time, there is such a thing as being too early for the cheese! The ideal time to book flights is between 2 months to 3 weeks before the travel date. This also gives you the flexibility to take advantage of any special offers that may come up.

2.     Work Your Way Backwards:

Another way to get cheap flight tickets from Mumbai to Goa is to change the way you approach your holiday. Log on to any portal and check out on what dates the tickets are at their cheapest. Now, use this information to decide whether you can fit in a Goa trip at this time. This is particularly helpful when you want to travel simply to get a break, rather than to attend an event or any other specific purpose. Sometimes, the savings can be large enough for you to even extend your holiday by a day or two.

It might not work every time, but it’s definitely worth a try due to the stupendous savings you can make.

3.     Fish Around On The Internet:

Nowadays, there is no dearth of options when it comes to booking tickets for your flights. Your best bet for finding cheap flights from Mumbai to Goa is to look around on a few of these options and compare the prices. We are led to believe that travel aggregators offer the cheapest rates. While that may be true in most cases, sometimes it is better to book directly with the airlines, since you can manage to avoid the markup that aggregators charge on the actual ticket price.

While this may not be possible every time you book tickets, you can manage to do this if you plan your vacation ahead of time. Nothing wrong with spending a couple of hours to save some money, right?

1.     Plan Your Travel After Public Holidays:

It is common knowledge that the airfares are the costliest during peak season. It is well known that the peak season for Goa is November to January, with New Year’s Eve being the most sought-after time for vacationing there- due to the pleasant climate as well as the celebratory atmosphere prevalent during that time. Apart from this, there are public holidays like Independence Day, Gandhi Jayanti etc. which are different from religious holidays in the sense that people have holidays, but no obligation to celebrate with their family. Lastly, weekdays offer the cheapest airfares.

It is best to work your way around these public holidays unless you get special offers if you have a low budget. However, if you can manage to take leave from work for a day or two, you can fly into Goa after the holiday or the middle of the week and spend your time there when everyone else is slogging it out at work. If you plan well enough, even if you lose a couple of day’s pay, you may still end up saving more than that on flight tickets!

2.     Determine The Purpose Of Your Visit:

Most people want to travel to Goa and celebrate New Year’s Eve there, which is what makes it the costliest time to fly to Goa from Mumbai. However, what is not that well known is the fact that prices drop drastically right from the 1st of January since most people fly out of Goa at that time, rather than flying into Goa. If your main purpose of visiting Goa is to enjoy the scenic beauty and the culture of Goa rather than attending parties, it is best that you avoid the crowd and the high prices and move your plans by just one day. You will end up saving thousands of rupees in airfares and also in lodging costs.


If you follow the above tips, then your trip from Mumbai to Goa is bound to be lighter on your pockets, which enables you to have a better holiday at the same price! Make sure to follow the basic essence of these tips for your other journeys as well and you will become a happier and more economical traveler for sure.