Ultimate Travel Guide To Canggu, Bali: Things To Do, Eat & Where To Stay

Where To Rent A Surfboard In Canggu

There are a couple of surf hats right in front of the Old Man’s Bar on the beach where you can rent boards of all sizes for around 50.000 Rupiah for two hours or bring your own, there is plenty of parking. Note that this is now mostly paid parking with a security guard.

You can also ask for a surf lesson here, there is always someone around who will take you out for 2 hours.

As Canggu is getting increasingly busy, I would highly recommend you book your surf lesson ahead of time to not miss the best time of the day to go out, especially if you are short on time!

Be aware that the short break right at the shore is dangerous though. I’ve seen so many people get smashed (yep, including me a few times) so just be quick here getting in and out. Otherwise, it’s a pretty safe spot to surf in Canggu.

Are There Any Dedicated Surf Camps Or Surf Schools In Canggu?

Of course, heaps! You’ll find many local surf schools around Canggu by simply googling or asking locals when you arrive.

If you want to go with someone renowned, I’d also recommend the Aussie surf tour company Mojosurf.

They have a surf camp in Canggu too with double, twin and dormitory-style accommodations and also offer multiple day surf-safaris around the whole island.

Furthermore, be sure to check out Wave House, a boutique surf, yoga and lifestyle retreat, if you are staying around for a few days. Absolutely beautiful place with a great vibe, especially if you are a solo traveller.

Other surf camps in Canggu worth checking out:

  • Lapoint, includes accommodation and surfing lessons
  • Kima Surf, right in the centre of Batu Bolong and close to Old Man’s