The Ultimate Travel Guide To Lovina Beach

Before we go into all the details as to why, the short answer is Yes, Lovina Beach is absolutely a must-visit place when in Bali.

What makes it even more amazing is that it truly has something for everyone. Families, solo travellers as well as yogis and nature lovers – we are convinced that anyone will fall in love with this place.

Although Lovina has become a more popular destination with travellers over the years, a lot of people don’t make it to this side of the island, which is a real shame.

It is a lot less hectic than Canggu, Uluwatu or even Ubud and the cultural traditions of Bali are still very present here. You get to enjoy the culture to the fullest and get a sense of the old Bali, pre-mass tourism.

Even though it might be calmer, there is no shortage of fun things to do in Lovina Beach. It is perfect for those looking for a combination of culture, nature and fun activities.

The underwater scenery is beautiful and there are some good dive spots not far from the area. A lot of underwater enthusiasts locate themselves here and take day trips to surrounding areas to dive and snorkel.

You will also find a vast number of beautiful luxury hotels in Lovina Beach for you to unwind but in style.

The weather is great all year round but May through September has the best, as it is less humid and drier.

There is never excessive rainfall here, even during the rainy season, which means you will be able to enjoy all the activities year-round (except the volcano treks).