5 Reasons Lake Como is a Tourist Favorite


Beautiful lake, charming villages, and warm sunshine, makes Lake Como a favorite tourist destination. Especially for newlyweds. Hollywood celebrities and ordinary tourists, making it the place of choice for honeymooners.

But why is Lake Como so attractive to world celebrities? Here’s the reason why Lake Como is very attractive.

1. Beautiful scenery

Lake Como offers stunning views. Located at the foot of the Alps, makes exposure to the view very beautiful. Starting from the towering mountains, the view of the colorful flower garden and blue lake. Scenery that is very difficult to find elsewhere.

2. Glamour Villas

Lake Como is surrounded by many luxury villas. Located on the edge of the lake look more beauty, guests can enjoy amazing views from the Villas.

All villas around Lake Como are in the best environment. Very supportive for staying because of clean air, green views, and not noisy. As tourists want, they choose a villa because they want to stay in a quiet environment. Of course you will also get peace when staying at lettings lake como.

The existence of a garden in the villa that you rent can certainly be useful. You can not only relax in the villa. However, you can also relax by sitting in the garden. The park in each villa is a neatly arranged garden. So you will see plants and flowers that thrive.

If one day you go to Lake Como and stay at the villa, then Lettings Lake Como can be the right destination. When else can you feel so lucky to feel good and comfort by staying at a villa.

3. Village dreams like in a fairyland

Lake Como is surrounded by several very beautiful villages. You will be presented with views of colorful buildings with gothic and unique architecture. In addition, rocky roads and striking landmarks are also around the lake.

Tourists can also see “World Silk Capital”. What is that place ?. This is where you can find items made of silk. Like Shawls, fancy clothes and other silk items that are not the same as other places. Meanwhile history buffs can catch a glimpse of the region’s past. Enjoy amazing Gothic architecture, the iconic Como Cathedral.

4. The choice of activities varies

Many things can be done when visiting Lake Como. If you are bored, just sunbathe all day, you can try other activities. Celebrities usually choose adventure by boat. Or even do water sports.

On land, there are many things that can satisfy the adrenaline testers. For example, explore the hiking trails. While in the waters, there is a boat tour activity to explore around the lake. The area is around 146 km2. You will need a lot of time to explore Lake Como. But if your time is limited, you can use the Taxi boat service. You can choose to tour Varenna.

5. Unique landmarks

Beautiful panoramas always make visitors come back to Lake Como. For world celebrities, there are other reasons why they like to go there. One of them is, they can enjoy a holiday away from the hustle and bustle of fans. Many things can be seen and done for fun all day.

With these features, many call Lake Como a complete package for travel. Interested in traveling there?