Similan Island Tourism, One of the World’s Best Diving Areas

Similan Island, or what is often also referred to as Koh Similan, is a national marine island which is not to be missed by snorkeling and diving enthusiasts. Looks like the calm sea with a comfortable sandy beach to stay and relax, various surprises will be found below the sea surface in a place that often beings the favorite destination of boat and yacht tour.

Located 84 km on the southwestern side of Phuket, Similan Island is one of the most famous (also the biggest) on the islands in the Andaman Sea and is also one of Thailand’s most famous liveaboard thailand areas in the world. Not only diving, but the charm of the Similan island can also steal our hearts with big rocks scattered on the beach, as well as animals and typical plants.


Interesting Activities on Similan Island.

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Visa for UK

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The United Kingdom is a country of luxury and great ambiances. The people here are so welcoming and well-mannered that anybody who visits them once, will wish to come again. Like any other country, the UK also requires a visa to enter. However, there are certain amendments made last year in the visa processing fee for the UK. One significant change is this that all prices will now be paid in the currency equivalent i.e., British pounds. The foreign exchange rate of your home country will apply to the total fee. 

How much is UK Visa Fee?

The fee depends upon the type of visa. It is variable for different types of visas including work, visitor, student, employment, and transit visas. If you’re on a visit visa for six months, you’ll pay ninety-three pounds as the fee. If you try to violate the visa conditions, you can be heavily fined … Read more

How to Get the Best UK Travel Insurance Online

The United Kingdom is beautiful with its serene shoreline, landscapes and architectural beauty. And if you are a History enthusiast, this is the place where the world history is preserved for generations to come, admire and learn from. Travelling through UK is an experience of a lifetime, regardless of whether you are travelling for business purpose or leisure purposes. But one thing that everyone knows very well is – UK is too costly. British Pound ranks 5th in the rankings of the most expensive currencies, and the top four are Gulf Sultanates. So, you might be coming from anywhere in the world, even the US, getting healthcare in the UK will make a big dent in your savings back home. So, always opt for travel insurance when you are planning to visit the UK.

How to get UK travel insurance online
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