7 Foods You Should Eat Before Flying

Flying by plane over a height of more than 10,000 feet, sometimes makes passengers nauseous, bloated and other discomfort. For this reason, a number of preparations must be made, including food.

Disturbances while flying are not just airsickness, there are still others who are not less annoying like flatulence or dehydration. You have to do a few steps to avoid inconvenience when flying.

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One way you can do before flying is to eat the right foods. these are 7 foods that you should consume before flying:

1. Low salt food

Before flying, you should not consume too many foods that contain lots of salt. Eating too much food containing salt can make the stomach nauseous, due to too much gas in the body. Of course this … Read more

5 Awkward Instances That May Happen When You Are Traveling Internationally

When it comes to traveling abroad, everyone likes to focus on the memorable and positive aspects of it. People who are passionate about traveling love to tell stories about the places they visited and the experiences they had. However, nobody likes to focus on the tales where things went wrong during an international trip.

Natural disasters, public unrest, lost luggage, missed or canceled flights, getting mugged, losing essential documents and valuables, getting injured and others are some problems that one may encounter while on a trip.

And while the chances of such instances happening are slim, it is always good to be prepared for them. In this article, we have summarized five awkward situations that may occur when you are traveling abroad. Read on to know more.

1. Lost Luggage

Losing luggage is every traveler’s nightmare – imagine arriving at your destination, but your luggage is nowhere to be found. … Read more

3 Reasons To Choose a Rental Home Over a Hotel

When booking a place to stay for your vacation, it is somewhat instinctual to consider a hotel first. However, there are other options! When searching for Bald Head Island rentals, there are several reasons to book a private house versus a hotel room.

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Enjoy More Privacy

No matter which one you choose, a hotel is going to be filled with hundreds of other guests. If you book a hotel, you will have to fight for parking, navigate the breakfast buffet, and make awkward elevator conversation with these guests each day. Booking a rental home allows you to return to the peace and quiet of your own private sanctuary each evening — and saves you from having to circle for a parking spot.

Access To a Kitchen

While most people likely don’t want to spend their vacation cooking, access to a private kitchen cannot be overstated. Cooking even just a … Read more