Google To Acquire Frommer’s Travel Guidebooks (10)

Wiki TravelSAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) – Google Inc is buying the Frommer’s line of journey guidebooks, the most recent move to amass a trove of publishing content material that could strengthen the No. 1 Internet search firm’s push to become a significant on-line journey dealer.

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As a end result, analysts mentioned, Google is more and more threatening a range of companies, like assessment website Yelp Inc and flight and lodge booking service TripAdvisor, which are scrumming for a slice of the rising online travel market. For an acquirer like Google, essentially the most beneficial a part of Frommer’s is its extensive database of enterprise listings and vacationer hotspots which have been maintained and curated for years and could be integrated into Google’s deep swimming pools of information, analysts said. Wow.. one in all as of late, that may be incredible. I do not suppose I might get the money together for this, like, ever.